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Here we present the statically typed language TypeScript, which is an extension of the JavaScript language and it can be compiled to any version of JavaScript.


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TypeScript is a statically typed OOP programming language, which is an extension of JavaScript whose main interest is to be able to compile optimally to JavaScript.

The interest of TypeScript is multiple

  • Write programs that are as dependent on different versions of JavaScript as possible
    (it is possible to compile to ECMAScript 5 or 6)
  • to give the ability to recover the many existing JavaScript libraries
  • to be able to compile its programs more easily to another programming language through typing
  • to enable the implementation of major projects

Now, very few frameworks and libraries are purely TypeScript. There is Angular (from version 2) and soon Vue.js.

But you can create Typing files based on the JavaScript source so you can call JavaScript functions neatly from the TypeScript.

Note that these Typing files already exist for all known libraries (jQuery etc...)

But it is not always necessary to recover JavaScript libraries or use any framework.

Much depends on what you must program.

In any case, there is not a huge difference between the two languages.

TypeScript adds a class concept to JavaScript that brings it closer to other languages such as C# or Java and introduces static typing.