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Here we present jQuery the JavaScript library that makes it easy to handle DOM etc. jQuery is still currently one of the most used libraries by web developers.


Tags: JavaScript

jQuery is a JavaScript library used by web developers for DOM traversal and manipulation, event management, animation, simpler calls to Ajax etc.

This library has the advantage of working on a large number of browsers and compensates for possible incompatibilities in certain JavaScript instructions. jQuery is a little less used than in the past since the most recent browsers have agreed to support a more standardized JavaScript, but it remains a simple to use API that facilitates the implementation of a web application.

jQuery has the reputation of being very well maintained and tested on many browsers. A good number of frameworks have been developed based on jQuery.

  • jQuery UI
  • Kendo UI
  • Zino UI
  • JQuery Easy UI
  • JQ Widgets
  • Wijmo
  • JEasy UI
  • JKit
  • W2UI
  • PrimeUI

Currently a few frameworks abandon jQuery but only support the most recent major browsers.
In some cases, it is possible to support other browsers with polyfills but some bugs can be expected.